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Root Canal

A root canal is a treatment for an infected or damaged pulp. The treatment aims to remove the infected pulp from the tooth. If a root canal is left untreated, the infection may spread and/or lead to a loss of the tooth. If the patient opts to have the tooth removed, it may cause the surrounding teeth to drift.


Sometimes bacteria can move deep into the tooth, causing an infection in the pulp, which is the interior portion of the tooth. This infection can cause pain, swelling, and other discomfort until the bacteria is removed and the tooth is repaired. When this occurs, it is important to address the problem tooth so the infection doesn’t spread and cause further problems to your dental health. Not only will addressing the problem restore your smile, but you will be able to improve your overall dental health in the process. If you have bacteria in the pulp of your tooth, you will most likely need a root canal to repair the tooth.

Root Canals Procedure

A root canal is a procedure that removes the bacteria and infection from the pulp of the tooth and restores the tooth so it looks and functions as it would before the damage. After an examination and x-ray of the affected area, the dentist will remove the infected pulp and clean the interior of the root thoroughly. The area will then be filled to restore the interior of the tooth. This stops the bacteria from causing an infection and prevents a recurrence of an infection in that tooth.

If the tooth has visible damage, such as a large cavity or a missing portion of the tooth, you may also need a crown to restore the overall look and function of the tooth. Once the dentist prepares your tooth for the crown and takes impressions, a temporary crown will be fitted on the damaged tooth. This will be replaced with the permanent crown once it is manufactured, which will require an additional appointment.

A root canal may be needed if you have a cavity that was not filled right away and has spread to the root of the tooth. Not every large cavity will require a root canal, but this can be a sign one may be needed. In addition, if you have a cavity that goes below the gum line, you may need a root canal to repair the tooth properly.

Though a root canal may be a daunting prospect, it is important to your dental health. Since a root canal removes bacteria and infection from the pulp of the tooth, ignoring it can lead to serious health problems for your teeth and mouth. Contacting your Morgan Hill, CA dentist will help keep your dental health in good shape.


Q. How do I know if I need a root canal?

A. Only your dentist can determine if you need a root canal. If you suspect you need a root canal, it is recommended that you make an appointment so your dentist can examine the problem tooth and help you decide the best treatment plan. However, there are some signs you may need a root canal. These signs include:

  • persistent pain, which can radiate into the jawbone, neck, and ear
  • swelling of the gums at the area of the problem tooth
  • sensitivity of the tooth, especially to hot and cold temperatures
  • a cavity that was not treated and has spread

Q. What if I don’t want a root canal?

A. Your dentist will examine your tooth and make a recommendation as well as discuss all treatment options with you. If you need a root canal but decide not to get one, the infection in the pulp of the tooth can spread, causing serious health problems to your teeth, gums, and mouth. The longer you wait to get a root canal, if one is needed, the more problems you can have with infection in the affected tooth, which can spread to other teeth, as well.

Q. Does every big cavity need a root canal?

A. Not every big cavity needs a root canal. Your dentist may be able to repair a cavity with a traditional filling, even if it appears to be large. You will need a root canal if the pulp of the tooth is affected by the bacteria in order to remove the bacteria from the tooth and restore the integrity of the tooth.

Q. Why does a root canal and crown require multiple appointments?

A. A root canal and crown typically requires multiple appointments because of the time needed to create the crown and place it. The first appointment is for the root canal, which removes the infection from the pulp of the tooth. The preparation for the crown is also done at this time, and a temporary crown is placed on the tooth. Once the crown is ready, you have another appointment to remove the temporary crown and place the permanent one on the tooth.

Q. Is a root canal and crown a permanent solution?

A. With proper after care, a root canal and crown can last a long time without any problems or the need to replace the crown. There are a number of factors that can lead to the need to replace a crown, including wear and tear, dental hygiene, and overall dental health.

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